Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is produced by simply controlling the natural crystallization process. It is honey that has been uniformly crystallized using a very fine crystal so that the honey is smooth, not gritty, and can be spread on toast, muffins, crackers, etc., or used as an ingredient in other recipes. The first practical method for producing creamed honey was developed by Dr. E.J. Dyce a professor of Apiculture at what is now the University of Guelph in Ontario, in 1928. He found that the optimum temperature for honey crystallization is 57 degrees F and that the addition of 5% starter of finely ground honey crystals will cause liquid honey to crystallize. For yet another year, Joe Lelinho of Hilltop Honey took first place in Class 6 Creamed Honey, and was awarded best in division for the Honey Comb and Spreads Division. For a more detailed discussion on creamed honey and the Dyce Method, click here.

(Photo by Curtis Crowell)

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