Cut Comb

There are several types of "comb honey". Entries in this class can be "cut comb", which was Georgann Serino's first place entry in the photo. There are also "sections" and "Ross Rounds". Cut comb is honey that is produced using the same frames that are used to produce extracted honey, however, the foundation that is used is very white and thin. During a nectar flow, the honey bees will draw out the thin foundation, fill it and cap it with nice white cappings. The frames can then be removed from the hive and cut into squares to fit into plastic cases or smaller pieces to be placed in jars with extracted honey for "chunk honey".

Comb honey can be chewed and the wax can either be spit out or swallowed. It can also be used by pressing a spoon down into it and allowing the honey to flow into the spoon.

(Photo by Janet A. Katz)

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