Get a bunch of beekeepers together, and there no doubt will be food. Following the presentations at the Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center, attendees took a short walk to Libby's Lunch where they feasted on Texas Weiners and other fast foods. That's President Tom Fuscaldo waving from the head of the table.

Pictured from left to right around the table are Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NENJBA) member Mike Rudovsky, two guests, Margaret Trousdale (California beekeeper), Nick Sunday (Paterson historian), NENJBA President Tom Fuscaldo, Great Falls Historic District Curator Glen Hutton, guest, NENJBA member Jeanette Stoel, Phil Passintino, and NENJBA members Al Stoel and Pavel (Paul) Kostick.

(Photo by Karl Schoenknecht)

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