NJBA 2019 Spring Meeting
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NJBA 2019 Spring
                                      Meeting Details

NJ State Apiarist Tim Schuler honored by Dept of Ag for 32 years of service

Left to right: New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher; State Apiarist Tim Schuler; Director of Plant Industry Joe Zoltowski

2019 Annual Honey Show Results

Division winners and the Best in Show entry will be auctioned off at the Winter State Meeting on Feb 16.  Blue Ribbon winners will be the items in the tricky tray.

Click Here to see the 2019 Honey Show Results

Angelo Trapani honored as first beekeeper on NJ State Board of Agriculture

Janet Katz, Anna Trapani, Angelo Trapani, Jeff Burd, NJ Ag Secretary Doug Fisher
at the NJ Agricultural Convention in Atlantic City on Feb 6 and 7

Upcoming 2019 Events:

  • Saturday May 18 - Spring State Meeting at Doane Academy in Burlington, hosted by Mid-State, South Jersey and Jersey Cape
    Details and registration information will be available in March.
    Keynote speaker: Gary Reuter, University of Minnesota Bee Lab

  • Saturday June 29 - Summer Picnic/Auction at Bob Hughes' in Groveville (Mercer County)
  • Saturday, November 9 - Hosted by Northeast Branch at Ramapo College. Keynote speaker: Dr. Christina Grozinger, Penn State University

Future Events:
  • Saturday, February 22, 2020 - Winter State Meeting, Site: TBD, Keynote speaker: Dr. Keith Delaplane, University of Georga

  • Saturday, May 16, 2020 - Site: TBD. Keynote speaker: Dr. Tom Seeley, Cornell University.
  • Saturday, November 7, 2020 - Site: TBD. Keynote speaker: Dr. Clarence Collison, Mississippi State University.

Proposed Beekeeping Regulations Public Comment Deadline was February 1, 2019

Click Here to view the latest proposed regulations and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture's responses to your comments from the first public comment period.

Click Here to view an edited, more readable, version of the proposed rules.

Click Here for the comments submitted by the NJBA

Congratulations to Nicole Medina of New Jersey for becoming the 2019 ABF Honey Princess

Nicole Medina of NJ (on left) is the 2019 American Honey Princess
Hannah Sjostrom of Wisconsin (right) is the 2019 American Honey Queen
Photo by Lou Naylor

The American Beekeeping Federation Conference & Tradeshow was held in Myrtle Beach, SC on January 8-12, 2019

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