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The New Jersey Beekeepers Association is a volunteer organization of 1,000+ beekeepers who have joined together to share knowledge and promote social policies that improve and sustain beekeeping in New Jersey. We are the workers you meet in all walks of life. We are lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, students, electricians and plumbers, scientists, farmers, moms and dads drawn together by the honeybee.

The domesticated honey bee, Apis mellifera, is the most important pollinator of New Jersey fruits and vegetable crops whether grown on open farmland or urban gardens. Their pollination of flowering plants provides food for the song birds, wildlife and sound reproduction of many of our flowering shrubs and trees as well. Flowering plants need pollinators to feed an entire food chain. Unlike grasses, most of the pollen from flowering plants is large and sticky making it unable to be wind-born.

I hope you are intrigued by our web presentation. We have nine branches covering all areas of the state. Join us.

Enjoy the pleasures of beekeeping. Learn the complexity of the beehive and reap the rewards of watching a hive grow and produce the sweet nectar of the gods we call honey.

When you join the New Jersey Beekeepers Association today, you support a healthy New Jersey environment for tomorrow.

Bill Coniglio,
NJBA president 2012


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