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The New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) was founded in 1902. Comprised of 10 branches, we have over 1,000 members. The Association is governed by our Constitution and By-Laws and is led by an executive board. The elected officers, a president, three vice presidents, a treasurer, a recording secretary and a corresponding secretary, are elected at the annual winter meeting, typically held in February. The Constitution and By-Laws have recently been updated and revised by the executive board and was voted on by the general membership at the meeting on February 8, 2014.

The NJBA is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion and support of all aspects of beekeeping in New Jersey. The NJBA works to educate the general public on the benefits and importance of beekeeping, teach our members how to become better and more successful beekeepers and strives to dispel myths and misinformation regarding the honey bee.  The NJBA is open to beekeepers or anyone interested in beekeeping or allied activities without discrimination as to sex, race, color or creed.

Beneath the state organization, there are ten branches throughout New Jersey. This provides a regional aspect to your membership. You can choose your primary branch based on the programs and training that they offer along with how local they are to you. Any NJBA member can join any or all of the branches by paying the branch membership fee(s).

The NJBA holds four meetings every year at various locations throughout the state. The state meetings are tied to the seasons of the year. The Winter meeting, typically held in February, is when the winners of the state Honey Show are announced. This is also the meeting when officers are elected. The Spring meeting is usually in May. The Summer meeting in August is when we have the annual picnic and equipment auction. The Fall meeting is often held in October.

The state meetings often have renowned speakers making presentations to the membership. Some of the recent speakers have been Dr. Keith S. Delaplane, Thomas Seeley, Randy Oliver, Dennis vanEngelsdorp and Jennifer Berry to name a few.
The NJBA publishes a state newsletter 6 times per year. It is filled with the most current information about the state organization, upcoming state meetings, the state apiarist report, news regarding the honey bee in New Jersey, and ads for beekeeping supply companies and suppliers of queens and nucs.

If you are interested in catching swarms, the NJBA has a page for all members to register to have your name listed in the counties you will collect swarms from.

If you are interested in membership, click here.

Janet A. Katz, President


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