Treating for Varroa with Mineral Oil

Another Varroa mite control method that is used by Robert Harvey of Harvey's Honey is food-grade mineral Oil. After scraping clean the top bars of the hive body, Harvey is shown here spraying a fine stream of the oil, which is much lighter than the mineral oil you buy in the drug store, down the frame rests on both sides of the hive body and then across the top bars of two frames.

Harvey does this every time he opens a hive. While spraying the bees directly will suffocate and kill them, on the top bars, it gets tracked all over and the mites seem to have trouble hanging on to their hosts. Harvey also claims the added benefit of keeping the frames free on the frame rests making for easier frame removal for inspection.

Members of the SJBA branch of the NJBA hosted this informative meeting on June 6, 2009 at the JCC Camps in Medford.

(Photo by Janet A. Katz)

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