SJBA Members Get Lunch Ready

South Jersey Beekeepers Association (SJBA) members, including Ned and Doris Morgan and Angelo and Anna Trapani, get lunch ready to serve at the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) Spring meeting hosted by SJBA at the JCC Camps in Medford, NJ on June 6, 2009.

The NJBA holds four general membership meetings a year. The winter meeting is typically in February and includes the presentation of the annual honey show ribbons and prize money and the auctionoing off of all the first place entries. The spring and fall meetings are held on dates and in locations that are at the discretion of the branch that volunteers to organize and host them. The summer meeting is a picnic and used equipment auction that has been held for quite a number of years at the Yardville, NJ, home of long-time beekeeper Bob Hughes.

(Photo by Janet A. Katz)

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