Feeding Sugar Syrup

It would be nice if our managed hives never needed supplemental feeding, but due to the vagaries of weather and the loss of forage due to mowing, development and the deer population to name a few factors, beekeepers often need to feed their honey bees.

South Jersey Beekeepers Association (SJBA) member Bob Hevisi is shown here providing beekeepers from all over the state with a variety of methods to feed sugar syrup to hives of bees. Feeders range from one-, two-, or five-gallon top feeders, to division board feeders that take the place of a frame. There are also front entrance feeders, called Boardman feeders. Beekeepers need to find the method that works best for them and their hives in their location.

Shown here is a gallon-size freezer bag that is placed directly on the top bars of the top deep. In the fall, it can contain 2:1 heavy sugar syrup. A two-inch slit in the top of the bag will give the bees access to the syrup, and a shim to hold the inner cover up off the bag does the trick.

(Photo by Janet A. Katz

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