How to Inspect a Hive

Many new beekeepers are baffled by the routine task of hive inspections. How often? How much smoke? Best way to remove frames? What does drone brood look like? Where should it be located? How do I find the queen? What if I can't find the queen? What if I can't see eggs? In other words, "What the heck am I doing inside this hive?!?"

SJBA member Mike Long suited up and walked folks through the how-to's and why's of routine hive inspection. Thanks to club Secretary/Treasurer (and NJ State Apiarist) Tim Schuler, hives had been moved to the JCC Camps at Medford site so they would be available for hands-on demosntrations for the meeting.

Most of the eight branches of the NJBA host hive openings at one or two of their meetings throughout the year. Check the calendar page and find when a branch near you is planning a hive opening.

(Photo by Janet A. Katz)

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